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MATSERWIS Company is produces cold-rolled steel for concrete reinforcement in grade St- 500-b, Class AIII N, in form of reinforcing mats, bars and wire.

MATSERWIS Sp. z o.o. is a limited liability company and legal successor of Zaklady Wyrobow Metalowych S.A. in Slawkow, that had 140-year tradition in the steel processing industry. That factory dates back to 1868. Since then the company has been manufacturing wire products.

The years of history, difficult period of war and economic crisis in the 1930s and than the occupation during the World War II were reflected in numerous changes and transformations of the Company’s history.

In the course of the company’s history, the company name and its scope of activity were changing.

On October 1st, 1994 the state-owned Zaklady Wyrobow Metalowych was transformed to be a Company owned by the State Treasury, and in September 1995 its shares were contributed to the Fortuna National Investment Fund.

Since 1999 ZWM SA in Slawkow is owned by the companies of Poland Alloys Capital Group.