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About us

Our offer includes a wide variety of products in form of standard steel reinforcing meshes, both flat and rolled, that are continuously available for sale. Responding to individual needs and requirements of our customers, we produce also special meshes of unusual dimensions. Our qualified engineers and trade specialists keep watch over the quality of products, timely completion of orders and arrangements of loadings. For customer convenience, the scope of our services was extended with co-organisation of road and rail transport as well as deliveries to construction sites.

Over 140 years of experience in the industry, combined with innovative technologies, fleet of specialist machines, modern system of effective company management give us continuous high position among steel product manufacturers. Our customers – including prestigious construction companies in the EU – appreciate our openness to new solutions and reliability and top quality of our products.

The key to our success is satisfaction of our customers. We win this satisfaction with high quality products and services confirmed by numerous technical approvals and our Quality Management System that was implemented in 1998 and that is accredited for ISO 9001: 2000. Our products meet stringent requirements of international certificates and are allowed for marketing in Poland, Sweden, Germany, France, Norway and Finland. Due to recognizable company logo and numerous references we keep on gaining new markets.

Modern market mechanisms force entrepreneurs to continuously improve their quality and shorten the lead time. The 21st century leaves no space for excessively time-consuming and unreliable technologies. Today, welded reinforcing mesh is the best possible solution for construction industry. Time consuming binding of reinforcements is no longer needed.

Please find below our offer for standard meshes always in stock.  We also accept orders for non standard meshes of unusual dimensions.

Our products are made of low-carbon steel, in accordance with ITB Technical Approvals and have all proper admissions required by the Construction Law.

Proper reinforcement is one of the most important stages of construction works. Steel elements in walls, floors, bridges and trestles provide security of entire structures and safety to their users.

Our offer, besides reinforcing meshes, includes ribbed and smooth wires and bars of diameters ranging from 4.00mm to 12.00mm, classified as A-III N according to classification of steel used as concrete reinforcement, set forth in PN-B-03264:1999.

Geographical location of our company on the crossing of important transport routes is very favourable in terms of logistics. Vicinity of Euroterminal in Slawkow facilitates cooperation with those customers and suppliers that find rail transportation most convenient.